2013 Awards

Student Equipment Grant Awards

NortekUSA received a number of outstanding submissions for the 2013 Student Equipment Grants.  Precision wave measurements must be on the curriculum this year because several grant proposals requested the Nortek AWAC.  As always, all proposals were inspiring and very well written.  With so many excellent proposals, the decision making process was very challenging.

The review committee is pleased to announce the following three proposals were awarded at Level I (equipment loan and $2,000 travel grant):

Level I

Jacquelyn Smith
University of Alaska Fairbanks
"Validation of a storm surge model using the Nortek Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler at Golovin, Alaska"
Equipment Granted: AWAC

Christopher Tomaszewski
Carnegie Mellon University
"Planning Energy Efficient Paths through Flow Fields in Uncertain Domains"
Equipment Granted: AD2CP

Matthew Archer
University of Miami
"Upper Ocean Current Velocity and Directional Wave Field Observations in the Straits of Florida"
Equipment Granted: AWAC

And the following two proposals were awarded at Level 2 (equipment loan only):


Lindsay Chipman
University of Colorado Boulder
"Development of the eddy correlation technique for use with fast optical oxygen sensors and applications in shallow running waters: A test of the fate of organic carbon in Colorado Plains Rivers"
Equipment Granted: Vector (plus MicroSquid Eddy Correlation Measurement System provided in collaboration with Rockland Scientific, Inc.)

Charmaine O'Brien-Deplesh
University of the West Indies
"Hydrodynamics of a Headland Bay - Influence on beach and nearshore morphology"
Equipment Granted: AWAC