NortekUSA received a number of outstanding submissions for the 2012 Student Equipment Grants.  Most were focused on the call for special topics: "Vectrino II" and "measurements from moving platforms".  As always, all proposals were inspiring and very well written.  With so many excellent proposals, the decision making process was very challenging.

The review committee is pleased to announce that the following three proposals were awarded at Level I (equipment loan and $1,000 travel grant):

Level I

Neville Berard
Queens University
"Comparing boundary layer velocities and bed morphology of laboratory wave experiments with XBeach simulations"
Equipment Granted: Vectrino II Profiling Velocimeter

Danielle Ludeman
University of Alberta
"Modeling water flow in the aquiferous system of sponges"
Equipment Granted: Vectrino II Profiling Velocimeter
Accepted Abstract, 9th World Sponge Conference, November 2013, Fremantle, Western Australia

Travis Miles
Rutgers University
"Turbulence and sediment resuspension observations during extra-tropical cyclones from an AUV"
Equipment Granted: Aquadopp HR Profiler

Level II (one-month equipment loan only)

Sylvia Rodriguez-Abudo
University of New Hampshire
"Stress partitioning, bottom drag, and energy dissipation in the coastal ocean"
Equipment Granted: Vectrino II Profiling Velocimeter

R. Zeller, F. Zarama, and J. Weitzman
Stanford University
"High resolution multipoint measurements of canopy turbulence in oscillatory flow"
Equipment Granted: Vectrino II Profiling Velocimeter