New Faculty Package

NortekUSA strives to support academic research and recognizes the tremendous expectations that new faculty are subjected to when entering into a new position and building a research program. To assist the new professor, institutions can provide a modest stipend to help them in obtaining the tools needed to fortify their equipment pool.

To make the most of this “start-up” fund, NortekUSA is offering a “New Faculty Start-Up Package” to all professors entering a new position. Professors will be eligible for the New Faculty Start-Up Package" within their first year of appointment at an academic institution. The terms and conditions of the “Start-Up Package” are as follows:

  1. Academic Discounts on all hardware and software:
    a. Instrument Discounts: NortekUSA will provide a 4% discount for a single unit purchase, 5% for 2 to 3 units and 6% for 4 or more units.
    b. Software Discounts: NortekUSA will provide a 50% discount on all software.
  2. Extended Warranty:
    a. NortekUSA will offer one year of complimentary extended warranty for instruments purchased through the New Faculty Package program.
  3. Customer and Technical Support
    a. NortekUSA will provide free customer and technical support services.
    b. If extended on-site visits are required, NortekUSA will only charge of expenses associated with travel.
    c. NortekUSA will provide technical expertise for all deployment hardware (i.e. tripods, surface buoys, lab systems, etc).
    d. NortekUSA will provide support for all Nortek software products as well as access to the Nortek Matlab Script Library free-of-charge.
  4. Access to demo equipment
    a. NortekUSA will provide demo equipment for “Proof of Concept” studies.
    b. NortekUSA will supply loaner equipment to assist the new professor in obtaining data that can be used for research proposals or for teaching purposes only.
    c. Cross-manufacturer instrument comparisons may not be carried out without the consent of NortekUSA.