Data Analysis

If you are new to evaluating and analyzing oceanographic data then you areencouraged to contact your local NortekUSA regional manager.  They can provide guidance in connecting you with an organization familiar with how to properly interpret this kind of data.  If you are having difficulties identifying someone to provide this service then NortekUSA does have this skill in-house and can offer this service as well; contact us to see what we can do for you.

The following is a brief description of the analysis softwares used and offered by NortekUSA; the link will take you to a more complete description of the software


Nortek Processing Softwares: 

Surge Software: This software presents current profiling data and allows for several different presentations of the current and sensor data.  There are also tools for quality controlling the data to ensure that suspect data is removed from the presentation.

Storm Software  This software is similar to the Surge software, however it has the presentation of raw and processed wave data. The software is suited for the Aquadopp Profiler and AWAC.

QuickWave Software This software is a non-graphical wave processing tool.  The results from wave processing are written to an ASCII file.  Quickwave can process data from the Aquadopp, Vector, Aquadopp Profiler, and AWAC.

ExploreV Software This software is used for processing time series data from Velocimeters.  ExploreV can process data from the Vector and Vectrino velocimeters.


Third Party Processing Softwares

SD6000  This software is commonly used in the fish farming industry for the presentation of standard current estimates of speed and direction at a specified position in the water column.  Contact nortek about existing software tools which assists in importing Nortek data formats (Aquadopp Profiler) into the SD6000 software.