The Nortek Processor and Logger (ProLog) is a micro computer with a 4GB recorder located on a separate circuit board inside the AWAC. Its primary function is to reduce raw wave data to standard wave estimates for online applications. The data reduction aids in the use of low bandwidth/payload communications such as acoustic modems and satellites. The ProLog data output makes it well suited for integration with external controllers.

ConfigurationReduction of wave data is valuable when considering low bandwidth communications (e.g. acoustic modems, satellite).  The ProLog is easily configured with the standard AWAC software, where a tab in the deployment module details the configuration options. Data output may be as detailed as full spectral information or simple as basic wave estimates. The raw data and the processed data are stored in separate files on the SD-HC card. The current profiles are stored in both files so there will always be a file present on the recorder that contains all current profiles and processed wave data. Both files are downloadable through the standard AWAC software. The data on the SD-HC card can also be read directly on a PC by removing the SD-HC card from the instrument, using either the card reader that is supplied with the ProLog or any standard SD-HC card reader. This can be useful when accessing large  raw data files.

The ProLog  serial output can either be in ASCII (in fixed NMEA formats) or in binary.

Example output "NMEA" string for basic wave parameters:

$PNORW,082709,093913,0,0.01,-99999,0.01,0.01,6.15,5.93, -999,326.57, 7.42,45.85,0.38,6.08,2,248,0.37,52.66,1030,*FD

The ProLog board mounts on the AWAC "midlife" board (i.e. AWACs with a single board) using the memory board connector.  This means that the ProLog also acts as a memory extension, replacing the regular memory board that is no longer needed when the ProLog is installed.  The ProLog is not backward compatible with older AWACs shipped before January 2009.

ProLog architectureIn the current hardware architecture, the ProLog processor is treated as an auxilliay device and all external communication goes directly to/from the AWAC processor.  The firmware can be upgraded with the standard AWAC software as before and this process will upgrade both the regular firmware and the ProLog firmware when this is present. The user interface is the same as for the standard AWAC without ProLog with the addition of the new data formats.

 It is possible to use the AWAC without the wave processing functionality  - just uncheck the ProLog processing in the deployment menu and the board reverts to being a 4GB data logger.