Autonomous Online System

The Nortek AOS offers online access to ocean current and wave data from any location. It is a complete data collection solution that includes local power supply, data transfer and WEB data display. It does not require significant engineering resources and once deployed, your system will be up and running in a matter of minutes.



The AOS system consists of

  • A Nortek instrument, deployed at the site of interest. The instrument should be connected to the AOS interface unit.
  • An interface unit with batteries, a controller, GPS, and an iridium satellite transmitter and receiver. The weather proof and ruggedized enclosure has been tested in cold as well as warm and humid environments.
  • A back office server hosted by Nortek that holds the data as it is transferred via satellite
  • A WEB-based software solution that displays your data. The display can either be private or public, i.e you can let other people see all or parts of the data. The software also allows you to download data for long term storage or for further analyses. It also controls the data that is transferred over iridium since a cost optimal solution often will dictate that only part of the data is transferred over the iridium data link.

The webpage provides an easy and intuitive user interface. Key parameters are presented graphically and historical data are available for download to Excel. Built in GPS and map functionality helps track the unit. The flexible user interface allows you to tailor a presentation according to your specific requirements and preferences.

The number of cells and transmit interval may be reconfigured from the client webpage. The webpage also includes a “cost calculator” showing estimated data cost for the current configuration.

Each AOS unit comes with a unique ID number. Upon logging on to the AOS webportal and registering the unit ID number you will get immediate access to data from the server.



Data Transfer Cost

The cost elements involved in being online with the AOS are:

1. A fixed cost related to basic hosting services and Iridium subscription.

2. A variable cost based on actual data transfer volume.

AOS clients are granted data access by subscribing to Nortek Online services. Account status will be continuously updated and available from your webpage. An email service makes sure you get notification whenever your subscription status requires attention.

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