All Nortek instruments deployed in autonomous configurations require batteries to operate. Since not all requirements for deployment length and sampling scheme are the same, we offer a variety of battery sizes and chemistries so that you have a real choice in how you operate your instuments.

All of the batteries described below have been developed especially for Nortek and they have been tested in a variety of deployment configuration to ensure proper performance across the full temperature range found in the ocean.  They are produced by specialist manufacturers and are protected with diodes. Because of the importance of the battery pack for successful deployment and the warranty implications of a failed battery, we do not recommend that you build your own battery packs

Battery packs can be mounted inside the instrument or they can be external. Both our AWAC and Continental instruments have no space inside the instrument and both use one or more external battery canisters

Overview of batteries available from Nortek

Battery Specifications Application
The slim batteries can be used inside the main canister of your Nortek instrument.  It is also possible to place four of the small batteries in an external battery cansiter

Small alkaline battery Chemistry: Alkaline Voltage:13.5V
Capacity: 50 Wh Dimensions:45x100x45[mm]
Weight: 0.4Kg
Standard battery shipped with all Nortek Aquadopp, Aquadopp profiler, and Vector
Long alkaline Chemistry: Alkaline Voltage:13.5V
Capacity: 100Wh
Weight: 0.8Kg
Standard battery for all instruments with extended cansiter (after summer 2008)
Small Lithium Chemistry: Lithium Voltage:12 V
Capacity: 165 Wh
Weight: 0.4Kg
Optional high-capacity Lithium battery for Aquadopp, Aquadopp profiler and Vector
Li-Ion rechargeable Chemistry: Lithum-Ion Voltage:12 V      Capacity: 50 Wh
Weight: 0.4Kg
The battery can be charged about 500 times without significant loss in capacity
Optional rechargeable battery for  Aquadopp, Aquadopp profiler and Vector.
Requires special charger
The large batteries below all require an external batter canister.  The external battery canisters can take either a single or two battery packs.
Largest alkaline Chemistry: Alkaline Voltage:13.5V & 18V
Capacity: 540 Wh
Weight: 4Kg
Standard battery for AWACs (13.5V) and Continentals (18V) that use external battery canister.
Large lithium 13V Chemistry: Lithum Voltage:15V
Capacity: 1800 Wh
Weight: 4Kg
Optional high-capacity Lithium  battery for AWAC or Continental.
Large lithium 18V Chemistry: Lithum Voltage:19V
Capacity: 1800 Wh
Weight: 4Kg
Optional high-capacity Lithium  battery for Signature Series.