Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters

Velocimeters belong to a special class of high-resolution 3D instruments used to study rapid velocity fluctuations in the laboratory or in the ocean. These instruments have three or more focused beams to measure with high sampling rates in a small point.

The Vector is a field instrument designed for measurements of rapid small scale changes in 3D velocity, used for turbulence, boundary layer measurements, surf zone measurements, and measurements in very low flow areas. The Vectrino is used in hydraulic laboratories to measure turbulence and 3D velocities in flumes and physical models.  The Vectrino Profiler is a profiling version of the Vectrino with a 3 cm profiling zone.

VectrinoAll Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters work by sending out a short acoustic pulse from the transmit element.  When the pulse travels throught the focus point for the receiver beams, the echo is recorded in each of the acoustic receiver elements. The echo is then processed to find the Doppler shift, the scaling is adjusted with the measured speed of sound in the liquid (hence the temperature measurement) velocity vector is recorded or transmitted to a PC at a rapid rate.

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