Nortek Introduces New Competition

For a decade, Nortek was proud to support academic research with the Student Equipment Grant program, a unique opportunity spearheaded by Nortek’s USA office in 2004 to aid graduate students with free loans of Nortek equipment and travel grants to present their research.
Nortek Introduces New Competition

Nortek hits the request!

The Nortek Student Equipment Grant was well received, highly utilized, and many of those students have gone on to now become some of our most valuable research collaborators, assisting us in developing new capabilities and products.

In conjunction with the evolution of the Signature Series of instruments and recognizing that the advanced AD2CP platform makes possible an array of new research possibilities, we have decided to again spearhead something new in our humble attempt to inspire and support the research that our mission is built on.

This past academic year, Nortek introduced Nortek Day Technical Awareness Seminars,  one-day events hosted by a research institution during which our technical personnel visit with a suite of Nortek instruments in hand, set up demonstrations and educational presentations, and share with students, faculty, and nearby collaborators the new research made possible with the right tools.

Following the one-day workshop, the host institution has access to Nortek demo gear for short field and laboratory experiments as well as discount pricing for new equipment acquisitions.

This year, events thus far have been held at the University of South Alabama and the University of Edinburgh, with an upcoming event scheduled at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The flavors this year maintained a turbulence vibe.

Dr. Bret Webb at the University of South Alabama hosted Nortek on 14 May in his laboratory at the university’s department of Civil Engineering. His lab features a 9m x 6m x 1m wave basing as well as a brand new 22m long wave flume. Nortek partners in turbulence, Rockland Scientific, co-hosted the event as well, showcasing their micro-turbulence sensors in the wave-current flume to highlight turbulent flow, boundary layer, and eddy correlation applications.

Attendees included not only faculty and students from the University of South Alabama, but also researchers from other nearby academic institutions, government agencies, and laboratories. The opportunities for sharing experiences and collaboration that arise out of these events are just as valuable as the technical information presented.

The Aquadopp High Resolution Profiler and the Vectrino Profiler were also demonstrated in examining boundary layer flow. Technical presentations explaining turbulence estimation with acoustic Doppler instruments were presented prior to demonstrations. Finally, the Signature1000 wave, current, and turbulence sensor was introduced and demonstrated in the wave basin, as it expands the possibilities of the Nortek turbulence sensor line (Aquadopp HR Profiler, Vector, Vectrino) into highly dynamic flow regimes.

This month, University of Edinburgh’s seminar was focused on advanced coastal, lab and turbulence studies and attracted over 40 attendees. Nortek users and staff provided technical presentations discussing the use of innovative methods and cutting edge technology to quantify difficult current and wave dynamics.

The presentations carried on throughout the morning and afternoon, after which University of Edinburgh kindly opened its doors to their new FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility, which contains a state of the art ocean simulator. The circular FloWave test tank combines complex wide-area multidirectional wave simulation with fast tidal flows.

Nortek provided a Signature1000 and Vectrino Profiler to be used in conjunction with the FloWave demonstration and the staff at the FloWave facility did not disappoint. With the fantastic display of waves on show, the Nortek instrumentation was on hand to capture and quantify some of these events. The seminar was a great success bringing together a variety of interested parties from both the academic and commercial sector.

We would like to thank all attendees who took part in these seminars, with special thanks going to host institutions, University of South Alabama and University of Edinburgh, as well as the presenters.

Please look for upcoming opportunities to attend Nortek Day Technical Awareness Seminars and be sure to check the August edition of NortekNews for details on how your institution can compete to host Nortek Day.

To view the presentations from these events please visit:

USA - wave basin

Wave basin at the University of South Alabama Department of Civil Engineering.

USA - workshop

Attendees look on as Nortek's Mike Cook demonstrates the Vectrino Profiler in the wave flume at the University of South Alabama.

USA - flume

The Nortek Vector as part of the Rockland Scientific Eddy Correlation system in the wave flume at the University of South Alabama.

Bret Webb - USA

Our University of South Alabama host with the most, Dr. Bret Webb, opening up the seminar.


FlowWave test tank

Special effects in the FloWave test tank, part of the FlowWave Ocean Energy Research Facility at the University of Edinburgh.

Ketil - U Edinburgh seminar

Attendees learn about Vectrino applications at the seminar in Edinburgh.

Data display from the FloWave test tank.

Data display from the FloWave test tank.