New TIDAS 900 Monitoring Buoy

S2 Yachts introduces TIDAS 900 monitoring buoy with integrated Aquadopp Z-Cell Profiler
New TIDAS 900 Monitoring Buoy

TIDAS 900 Monitoring Buoy with integrated Z-Cell Profiler

The mission of the TIDAS 900 buoy is to maximize the user’s operational efficiency. The buoy is designed as a “plug and play” platform to fulfill an interdisciplinary approach to coastal monitoring. S2 Yachts manufactures and sells the TIDAS 900 as a base buoy ready for your instruments or as a fully integrated monitoring buoy system

When S2 started shopping for acoustic Doppler current profiler instrumentation to meet client requests, the buoy-deployable capabilities of the Nortek Aquadopp Z-Cell Profiler was an obvious choice. The small form factor and ability to measure current velocity very close to the ocean surface made the Z-Cell a perfect for fit for the TIDAS buoy.  After consulting with Nortek and other academic collaborators, the S2 team has modified the buoy’s design to offer a new configuration that includes three vertical "pass-through" tubes for the housing of Z-Cell and other surface instrumentation within the buoy hull's perimeter.  With the pass-throughs, instruments “top load” for easy access, inspection, and maintenance.

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