Meet the Signature55 Long Range Profiler

The first instrument in the Signature Series product line, the Signature55, employs AD2CP technology to extend the range of the Nortek brand of acoustic Doppler current profilers to as far as 1000 meters.
Meet the Signature55 Long Range Profiler

The Signature55

Nortek is proud to introduce you to the new Signature55 long range acoustic Doppler current profiler.  The Signature55, powered by the Nortek patented AD2CP technology, can extend your current profiling to 800 m or beyond.  The direct-read current profiler is ideal for your long-range profiing and real-time observing projects such as on surface buoys or offshore platforms.

Learn more about how the Signature55 can offer your projects improvements and new opportunities such as smaller size, lighter weight, automatic compass calibration, Ethernet interface, seasonal sampling, broadband AD2CP sampling, and single-ping QA/QC.

View the Signature55 product page to learn more about the long range current profiler, see the brochure, and read the 2013 Oceans paper about comparative testing against the Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse Long Ranger 75 kHz ADCP.


Signature75 testing in France.


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