Introducing a new solution for simultaneous wave and current measurement

After six months of testing, we are pleased to announce the introduction of concurrent wave and current measurements for the Signature500 and Signature1000 current profiling systems.

In addition to the mean current, it is also possible to mix wave mode and “burst mode” so that you can get quasi-simultaneous measurements of the surface elevation and the vertical velocity of the surface cell. The new feature is targeted for scientific applications and for projects where the wave directional spread is of particular importance.


How can I access these new features?

For those who already have a Signature instrument with altimeter license, the updated firmware and software will be automatically downloaded the next time you start the deployment software while being connected to the internet. The new measurement mode will appear as an option in the deployment planning menu.

As part of our tradition to provide free upgrades, there are no charges involved for this new feature.

If you do not yet have a Signature instrument, please contact us to find out if this instrument is appropriate for your usage and needs:


How do the Signature500/1000 models compare to the AWAC?

The Signature500/1000 models have specialized features for wave directional spread. However, for standard engineering applications, the AWAC is still the recommended wave system because it is has built-in processing for online applications, is known to be an extremely robust performer, and has been exposed to hundreds of wave climates all over the world.


Incidentally, the AWAC is now available with metal connectors. We recommend this option for installations that are intended to last longer than two years.