Inductive modem for Aquadopp

It us our pleasure to announce that we have developed and tested an inductive modem for our standard shallow water Aquadopp. The modem lets you send data from an Aquadopp to a surface controller using a jacketed steel cable.
Inductive modem for Aquadopp

Aquadopp with inductive modem

The inductive modem solution uses an OEM modem from Seabird and it works with any Seabird surface modem.  The signals are induced into the cable using an inductive coil and the whole system comes with special mechanical clamps that holds the Aquadopp attached to the cable.  A fin is included to avoid vortex induced oscillations.

The Aquadopp-IM comes in two versions, one designed for fixed diameter cables and one where it is possible to ajust the clamp size according to the cable diameter.

The first four units have been delivered to NOAA and to WHOI for further integration and testing.

For more information, please go to this WEB page for an expanded description

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