Signature500 | Signature1000

Nortek's Signature1000 and Signature500 five-beam AD2CPs introduce a scientific powerhouse to the research community, providing an ideal platform for turbulence studies, while also fulfilling standard current profiling needs.


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Signature1000 and Signature500, two advanced five-beam current profiling systems, are made with the most demanding scientific user in mind. Built on the advanced AD2CP platform, Signature1000 and Signature500 are designed for unprecedented performance in high energy turbulent environments, while also giving users the freedom to employ two measurement schemes at one time. Altimeter data provides the user with a high-resolution distance measurement to the surface or the bottom.


These systems, available in 1 MHz and 500 kHz frequencies, will lend a host of new capabilities to users studying areas such as:

  • Site characterization for renewable energy resources
  • Turbulent loading on marine turbines and structures
  • Changing bed elevation and sediment movement
  • Turbulent mixing in estuarine environments
  • Wave height and direction
  • Ice thickness
  • Ice drift velocity (Signature500)


Built on AD2CP technology, these systems offer users the convenience of:

  • Smaller physical size and lighter weight
  • Two or more simultaneous measurement modes
  • True broadband processing, implementing the most appropriate scheme
  • Tight synchronization of multiple instruments over Ethernet
  • Ethernet interface for direct network connection to instrument and 20 Mbit data download
  • Continuous rapid sampling in burst mode