AWACs Help Guide Chinese Vessels to Safety

Nortek China advances harbor and navigation safety at Jingtang and Qinhuangdao ports with the installation of real-time Nortek AWAC systems for wave, current, and tide monitoring.
AWACs Help Guide Chinese Vessels to Safety

Data display from real-time China Ports AWACs

For decades, vessel pilots navigating the waters of the Bohai Sea, off China’s northeast coast, had to depend on their own experience and very limited weather reports in order to decide when and where to bring their vessels into port. This created an often unsafe condition for both those onboard the vessels as well as those on the coast. For the pilots, it meant a great deal of stress as they did their best to make careful judgment on limited data.

Understanding the need to improve this situation, local authorities in Hebei province have recently partnered with Nortek China to provide real-time directional wave, current and tide data for ports in Qinhuangdao and Jingtanggang. Nortek China provided two real-time AWACs, each connected via Nortek’s fully integrated interface system and cables, along with installation and complete support for the data telemetry. The data from each system is fed to a central station where it is processed and displayed on their own Website and also broadcasted to the boat pilots. The pilots now have direct and real-time access to current, wave and tide conditions and no longer need to rely on just their eyes and experience in order to safely dock their vessels.

AWAC location in Jingtang Harbor

Figure 1. AWAC location in Jingtang Harbor


AWAC in frame with cable

Figure 2. Platform head AWAC in bottom frame with Nortek Online cable.


China Jingtang AWAC installation

Figure 3. Crews work to install the online telemetry component of the AWAC harbor monitoring system.