AWAC news: "ProLog" replaces "NIP"

We are very pleased to announced the release of a new surface wave processor for the AWAC. The new board is referred to as the "ProLog" and it both serves as an online processor for integration with 3rd party data controllers and as a 4GB storage device.
AWAC news: "ProLog" replaces "NIP"

The ProLog board mounts directly on the AWAC electronics

After more than a year of testing, the new processor is finally released as a replacement for the "NIP" that has been used so far. The design is based on a completely new hardware, firmware and software architecture and we hope you will appreciate the simplified user interface, which is reduced to a new deployment planning tab in the standard AWAC software.  The hardware is compatible with AWAC electronics that was shipped in 2009 or later.

More detailed information about the ProLog can be found here.

The output format is documented in the latest version of the Paradopp Interface manual. The ProLog operation and use is described in the Help section of the latest version of the AWAC software.

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