Announcing Nortek’s new competition for universities

Nortek is proud to introduce the Nortek Day 2016. It will give you the chance to join our itinerary as we pack up our suite of Nortek instruments and make our way to select institutions to offer hands-on training, and set up laboratory and field demonstrations as well as technical presentations.

Is your institution home to energetic researchers, eager students, and interesting facilities? Would you like to see how Nortek instruments can introduce new potential to your work from the comfort of your own campus?

The group who submits the winning application will have access to Nortek demo gear for short field and laboratory experiments and can benefit from discount pricing for new equipment acquisitions.

What does it take to win?

Most importantly: We want to see applications that reflect energy and excitement for new research!

Please also answer the following questions in your application:

Who are you and what drives you? Suggest a theme or topic you would like to learn more about: waves, deep water measurements, turbulence, moving platforms, or anything that distinguishes your institution. Tell us what your group is all about.

What will our playground for the day look like? Tell us about your facilities. Are there laboratories? Access to the field? Boats? Flumes? Classrooms?

Will you invite the neighbors? Tell us which institutions, government organizations, private companies, non-profits, or anyone else interested in field and laboratory measurements you plan to invite.

Should we invite our friends? Tell us if there are any other sensor manufacturers or industry partners you would like to see us invite to participate.

How to apply: Please send us a one-page write-up OR post a 5-10 minute video on YouTube telling us why we should pick your institution. Video applications are HIGHLY encouraged and preferred. Send the write-up or video link to

Deadline: Applications should be received by 5:00pm GMT on October 30, 2015.


*Nortek Day is valid in participating regions. Please check with your local Nortek representative for details.