A deluge of amazing photos for the Nortek Photo Competition!

The Nortek Photo Competition has had amazing response from the oceanographic community. Enthusiastic professional users from across the world have submitted over 100 photos. We are very grateful – and so excited to see how our instruments are being used in the field!

Rokas Kubilius takes home the first prize for his amazing submission.

Deciding on a winner – with so many amazing photos – was rather difficult.

In the end the jury has concluded that the first prize goes to Rokas Kubilius, at Metas in Norway.

The winning image shows the retrieval of a Signature55 buoy in Antarctica, February 2016. The image stood out for its striking graphical forms and strong visual impact.

The second place goes to Erik Meesters at Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research for his stunning photo of the Signature1000. His submission shows the Signature1000 deployed near Saba in the Dutch Caribbean, where researchers have been investigating the net calcification of coral reef communities.

Third place goes to Alexander Khokhlov at PND Engineers in Alaska. This image was shot during ice measurements using an upward-looking acoustic Doppler profiler.

An honorable mention goes to…

A particularly honorable mention goes out the following five photographers for contributing amazing photos to the competition:

- Sarik Salim, The UWA Oceans Institute

- Simone Sammartino, Physical Oceanography Research Group, University of Málaga

- Yvonnick Le Clainche, Englobe corp.

- Tjeerd J. Bouma, Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research

- Patricia Chardón-Maldonado, Coastal Engineering Center for Applied Coastal Research Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware