A compact DVL enabling higher precision navigation

The trend in the underwater vehicle community is for smaller size and greater flexibility. Nortek has therefore designed a DVL with workclass capability that fits in the palm of your hand – while offering higher precision navigation.
A compact DVL enabling higher precision navigation

The Nortek DVL has workclass capability and still fits in the palm of your hand.

With the introduction of the Nortek DVL, navigation capabilities of smaller underwater vehicles is no longer limited by the size and cost of the DVL. “Our recently developed DVL opens the door to new possibilities”, says Torstein Pedersen, DVL Product Manager at Nortek.

An all encompassing DVL

Small underwater vehicles are becoming more prevalent in the subsea community. The Nortek DVL is tailor-made for users of workclass and mini ROVs and AUVs alike.

It contains all the functionality of a classic DVL but has now taken advantage of the possibilities offered by a modern hardware platform. The package size is small yet does not compromise performance.

Powerful processing enables optimal bottom tracking

“A casual review of the DVL shows that Nortek has managed to reduce size and power consumption as well as incorporate modern communication channels”, says Pedersen.

However, it is the powerful processing of the new platform which helps users improve on the capability of the bottom tracking.

“You can expect bottom lock for longer ranges, soft bottoms, and very close to the bottom”,Pedersen adds.

End result: higher precision navigation and longer ranges

In addition to the robust bottom track, the data stream contains information such as data quality parameters and time stamps with a 1-millisecond resolution. Precise knowledge of when the velocity estimates were madeprovides more accurate navigation

“This enriched data stream is something that system integrators have been waiting for, as it helps them achieve higher precision navigation”, Torstein Pedersen concludes.DVL lineup

The Nortek DVL is available as two models: 1 MHz and 500 kHz.