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SeaDarQ monitors currents around 20 mln m2 of sand
The Sand Motor is an innovative method for coastal protection. The Sand Motor (also known as Sand Engine) is a huge volume of sand that will be applied along ...
Buoy in the works...
Pictured here is Nortek's Tom Christian Mortensen, whose extensive field experience has aided in developing a buoy solution that is manageable by shorthanded ...
Aberdeen Harbour Board
Real time environmental data system delivered to Aberdeen Harbour Board
Aquadopp on wave directional buoy
Aquadopp profiler mounted on wave directional buoy
Aquadopp Profiler Installed on WEBB Glider
Nortek has collaborated with scientists to integrate an Aquadopp Profiler on a WEBB Glider.
AWAC Used for Ship Wake Study
The Acoustic Surface Tracking (AST) capability of the AWAC was used for a comprehensive ship wake study by engineers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA.
190 kHz "Continental" profiles over 300 meters!
We are pleased to see an increasing number of "Continental" current profilers being put to use in scientific studies and in engineering projects. We are ...
Z-Cell Used In Catlin Arctic Survey 2011
Nortek’s Z-Cell, Aquadopp Current Profiler has been selected by a top team of scientists, working on the Catlin Arctic Survey, to provide current data of water ...
Musical velocimetry
On the 12th of September a pretty spectacular Vectrino application will be on display in London, UK. The three velocity components from a Nortek Vectrino will ...
File conversion programs
Do you ever need a quick conversion program that takes you from one instrument format to another? Want to see Vector data with Tony Wahl's WinADV, or run wave ...
HR shows the small scales
The pulse coherent technology embedded in the HR version of the Aquadopp profiler provides a higher temporal and spatial resolution than what we are used to ...
Interested visitors?
A Vector deployment in a coral reef is sure to grab the attention of local residents. Completely oblivious of the acoustic intereference it may cause, this ...
Laying the foundations for the commercial development of tidal turbine arrays
Marine current conversion technology is at the prototype stage with the deployment of single turbines already underway. In the short to medium term, turbines ...
Lord Howe Island study
Studying exchange processes in an island lagoon
Mine Hunter
Nortek Aquadopp shows the speed in minehunters
Multi-instrument experiment at CIEM large scale flume
What happens when a wave passes by? How can the flowfield be characterized when there are waves superimposed on a turbulent bottom boundary layer? These are ...
Nortek memory chips vs. Hurricane Emily
Nortek memory chips after Hurricane Emily and salt water still keep the data safe!
YouTube video of oceanographic buoy deployment in Venice
Have your ever tried to deploy an oceanographic buoy in 6ft. seas? Check out this video of an operation that took place in the Nortehern Adriatic sea just ...
Tidal energy - real world performance analyses
One of UK’s many renewable energy companies, Tidal Generation Limited, has developed an impeller tidal turbine to produce electrical energy from tidal ...
Picture Competition
Best picture competition winner
Sea Technology Magazine Features AWAC
The February 2008 issue of Sea Technology describes a new method for using the AWAC for directional wave measurements from a subsurface buoy.
Study of waves & velocity over different substrate
Three Nortek Vector Velocimeters were used in Mallorca to study the effects of different substrates on waves and near-bottom velocities.
Surface current buoy
Surface current monitoring buoy platform
Team Deploys Aquadopp with Inductive Modem Through Ross Ice Shelf
Researchers from WHOI, NIWA and Victoria University (NZ) get real-time velocity data from five Nortek Aquadopp Current Meters with integrated inductive modems ...
The world's longest Aquadopp Profilers
What do you do when you have four octagonal pipes deep in the ground, and you want to know the velocity of the water flowing through these pipes? No ...
Traverse system for the Vectrino
The UK company HR Wallingford has developed an automatic traverse system for the Vectrino, that facilitates highly accurate positioning of your probe(s) in the ...
Velocity Measurements on Gliders
Innovative mechanical designs and lower power electronics open new possibilities for academic research and commercial projects
Wave data transmitted
Wave data transmitted with acoustic modem
Wavector Trailer
Here is a short movie made with the Wavector software from Waveforce Technologies.
Wireless Vectrino
Our friends at Nortek China have tested and installed the first Vectrinos on a wireless link. Since the hydraulic laboratories in China are often large, it ...