High sediment concenteration - ADV measurement

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High sediment concenteration - ADV measurement

Posted by Vibhav Durgesh at April 11. 2012


Can Nortek ADV (Vector) be used in performing measurement in high sediment concentration environment (lab experiments only)?  Concentration will vary from 5g/l - 120 g/l.

If yes, then what precautions are necessary during experiment and data analysis?

Thanks in advance


Re: High sediment concenteration - ADV measurement

Posted by Jonas Røstad at April 12. 2012

Dear Vibhav,

This can be done, but there are great limitations and precautions needs to be taken. Since Nortek mainly makes the instruments we don't have to much experience. I encourage users familiar with this to share their knowledge in this thread.

The issue is discussed at the forum. I would start at http://www.nortek-as.com/en/knowledge-center/forum/current-profilers-and-current-meters/579860282#542836693

In this thread it is linked to a good technical note on the topic http://www.nortek-as.com/library/technical-notes/seditments


Best regards

Jonas Røstad



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